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Introduce a SQL tuning tool...(2017-10-05) [Doc] bug ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [rwoirw: check ret val]...(2017-08-10) [Doc]
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 Introduce a SQL tuning tool

 by fuyuncat

When we tune a SQL, we need to spend a lot of time to analyze the SQL, find out the performance bottleneck first, then utilize the tuning rules or our own experience to take action to tune the SQL. SQL Tuning is complex task. The junior developers or DBAs may even don't know from where to start when they are facing a poor performance SQL. It's also a time-consuming task for those experienced DBA. I ever tuned a ton of SQLs, and I always hope I can get a SQL Tuning tool to help me find out the top SQL quickly, then analyzes the SQL automatically, and eventually gives me tuning suggestions. This will definitely take off those time-consuming steps from me, helps me to tune the SQL efficiently, and gives me more time to do other works. Yes, SQLBooster is what I am looking for!
[Read] bug ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [rwoirw: check ret val]

 by fuyuncat

This bug will be hit under special conditions. It's easy to be reproduced.

 Security View Merge in 12c --- Bug or Improvment

 by fuyuncat

After upgraded to 12c, we noted performance degradation in some SQLs. With further investigation, we found it's related to View Merging Security control.

 FyDul: Last chance for saving your oracle data

 by fuyuncat

What if your oracle crashed and can not be recovered? FyDul is the last chance for you to save your data. It's is small program to read the data from data files directly. I wrote this program in 2006, and now I improved it to make it easier be used.

 One single SQL helps you to analyze the performance of a SQL

 by fuyuncat

This is the script I am using to analyze SQL performance. It major contains one SQL only. It can show most of detail information about the SQL if available. And you can shoose to show parts of them.

 Fy_Recover_Data 2014.03.07 Update -- You can recover truncated table from offline data files now

 by fuyuncat

In case you found that you truncated a table should not be done. You may copy the data files of the tablespace to a local location. And then use Fy_Recover_Data to recover data from those offline files. This will guarantee minimuming data lost.

Products Update Welcome
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